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Weartech is proud to announce two new additions to our already extensive
range of Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) equipment.

The latest models are:
HPI 80 Plasma Torch                                        HPS 80 Plasma Torch

For more information on these torches or any other related equipment don’t hesitate to call us: 0860 14 WEAR

Spray Tips
In past newsletters we have often included spray tips in order to provide vital information in
order for your spray equipment to operate efficiently. Here is the latest spray tip.

Wire feeding is subject to mechanical variables, because the wire load imposed on the drive
system can vary greatly. Wire characteristics can significantly affect the uniformity of wire feeding.
One source of problems is wire slippage in the drive rolls. Slippage can be caused by tension on
the wire from drag in the dispensing units of the wire spools, coils or drums.

Slippage can also be caused by wire diameter and stiffness, which impose mechanical loads on the
feeding system that interrupt continuous feeding. Friction in wire conduits between the source and
the feed mechanism, or between the feed mechanism and the gun, can cause wires to slip in the
drive rolls. Shorter conduits are recommended wherever possible.

Raw Material News
Raw materials such as Nickel and Zinc are used to produce some of Weartech’s biggest selling products,
this is why we find it important to provide you, the customer, with up-to-date news on said raw materials.


Due to the fact that the nickel market moved into a deficit in the second quarter of this year a smaller portion
of global nickel producers are now cash negative. Nickel prices are expected to increase from their current levels
($10 000/t) over the medium term due to under supply. Moderate improvements can be expected until the excess
supply of nickel has been depleted.


The outlook for the zinc market over the next few years is positive. The price forecast will reach a cyclical high of
more than $3800/t in 2018. The concentrate market is tightening with stocks moving to critically low levels, which
will start to constrain refined output. Coupled with a steady demand growth the limited output will result in stocks falling to,
and remaining at historically low levels until 2020. This will provide fundamental support for prices
(Information obtained via: Mining Weekly)

Please check pricing on a regular basis.


Weartech recently exhibited at RAPDASA (Rapid Product Development Association of South Africa) 2016,
to showcase metal powders used in the Additive Manufacturing industry.
The range includes (but not limited to) Cobalt, Nickel, Iron and Titanium based powders.
The main highlight was the introduction of Praxair’s eagerly anticipated Titanium powder.

What is Additive Manufacturing?
Also known as ‘3D Printing’, additive manufacturing is a process in which digital
3D design data is used to build a 3D component through the depositing of layers
of either a polymer or metal based material.

How additive manufacturing works:
There are two types of additive manufacturing that use metal-based powders,
namely: powder-bed systems and powder-fed systems.
-A layer, typically 0.1mm thick of material is spread over the build platform.
-A laser fuses the first layer or first cross section of the model.
-A new layer of powder is spread across the previous layer using a roller/ blade.
-Further layers or cross sections are fused and added.
-The process repeats until the entire model is created.
Loose, unfused powder remains in position but is removed during post processing.

-A stream of a desired powder is fed into a focused laser beam as it is scanned across the target surface.
-This leaves a deposited coating of the desired material on the target surface.
-This enables the applied material to be deposited selectively, just where it is required.

MK16 Donation
Weartech recently expanded their Thermal Spray museum to include a Metallisation MK16 Flame Spray gun.
This was kindly donated to us by Izak Van Rensburg from Advanced Metal Spray.
Feel free to come view our Thermal Spray Museum (187 Galjoen Road, Wadeville, Germiston)

Updates & Exchange Rates
Due to fluctuations in exchange rates, Weartech is required to implement price changes on certain products.
The current exchange rates to the South African Rand are as follows:
US Dollar- 13.69
Euro- 14.58
British Pound- 17.31